About us

Ecology in service of economy

The Swissolution company is a new brand in the european market with SLED Generation products which offers confident and from economical point of view, the most acceptable solutions in advertising industry for all customers troughout Europe.

Our company supports the evolution of the new “green technology” and we are dedicated to energy – efficient light and emitting products which don’t contribute to the global warming. They are saving electric energy, keeping environment safe and lowering the cost of maintrance.

Brand and high technological demands

In the past, all communications were one sided, but today the customers want to be involved and a part of the story.

The vision of Swissolution is always to be the best and most innovative. This is testified by the high quality offerngs of SLED products and the satisfied customer ratings.

The procusts od the SLED Generation from Swisssolution are the most suitable solution for inidividual illumination of advertising space in western European countries, where high technological demands, the highest quality and reliability, and enviromental friendliness is required.

Creative development and inovative solutions

With our appearance on the market and application integrity of the SLED products all in one place,
Swissolution helps clients lower their waiting time for the supplies and development and production
expences of creating new sign products.

With newely developed software, within minutes of your query, we can offer you calculation and most
affordable solution for illuminating your sign with all the technical data of the depth of the lettering,
power supply, most suitable and optimal size of the LED modules, technical drawing for the installation
and other technical data.

Goals and visions connect us on daily bases

By encouraging the idea of “your trusted partner in LED sign illumination” and by devoting to offer you
the best SLED products, we are capable to offer you high speed delivery service worldwide in synergy
with global distribution network.

Working with clients, suppliers, contractors and employees with years of work relationship with
one another, Swissolution builds trust based on “good intentions” and towards “trusted partner”.

Your Swissolution


    Tvrtka Swissolution je novi brend na hrvatskom tržištu sa proizvodima SLED generacije koja nudi pouzdana i ekonomski najprihvatljivija rješenja za sve kupce diljem Europe u LED reklamnoj industriji.


    Trpanjska 8A, 10000 Zagreb


    ++385 95 323 3456